Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Monthly Travel Feature with @andyjarosz

Today Andy was back in the studio once again to discuss his recent trips to the Indonesian island of Bali and Singapore.

As a fan of Indonesian cuisine Andy was delighted with the kaleidoscope of flavours that featured during his stay, as well as the price. Andy said that a meal at a restaurant in a high-quality hotel costed as little as £7 a head. Without doubt the most bizarre food experience of the trip were the magic mushroom omelettes that were available at a pop-up surfer's village!

On the subject of surfing, Andy recommended Bali as a destination for anyone interested in water-sports in general, as the warm and beautifully clear water is ideal for activities like diving. The Pacific around Bali is also home to stunning coral reefs and varied wildlife.

On the return journey from Bali Andy spent a week in Singapore, which he hadn't visited for 15 years. He now believes Singapore now outclasses many, if not most, European cities due to its safety as a destination, great public transport and stunning modern architecture.

For more information, visit Andy's website: http://www.501places.com

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