Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Interior Design with Gwendoline Alderton

Today Gwendoline was in the studio once again to discuss interior design trends for 2015

Starting off with colour, white remains the choice to make in terms of a kitchen due to its modern look and elegance. A new colour to have is masala, a mixture of black and red. Gwendoline recommends this colour because it gives the impression of warmth and intimacy. She says it is ideally suited to big rooms. Custard yellow is another colour she recommends, saying its brightness makes it ideal for hallways and rooms that see plenty of gatherings.

Gwendoline says the patterns or shapes relating to space, such as the moon or stars, are popular now. Stars in particular are good to use in the home as they work well with a variety of materials and colours. In fact, keeping Christmas lights up may be a good idea due to their brightness and compatibility with stars.

For more information you can visit Gwendoline's website at:  www.ga-interiors.co.uk

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