Thursday, 18 December 2014

Sam Rolfe our science correspondent joins us

Sam Rolfe joined us today to talk about methane and organic molecules on Mars. The term organic molecules describe any molecules that contain carbon atoms. Examples include methane, hydrocarbons and amino acids. 

Methane is a gas that has been detected on Mars before. Previously though methane has been detected using remote telescopic observations from the Earth or from space. This is a very exciting discovery because this is the first in situ (on site, in place) measurement from the surface of Mars. 

Methane being actively produced, what of it! 90% of the methane on Earth is produced by biological processes. so that means there is life on Mars?! Let’s not jump to conclusions here. The discovery of methane definitely does not mean that there is definitely life on Mars. However, we never know, we may meet some martians soon... 

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