Monday, 1 December 2014

How to be Thrifty with Penny Carr @beingmrsc

Joining us in the studio today was Penny Carr with a brand new feature, temporarily dubbed our 'Thrifty feature', which was all about the various ways you can save money.

Penny offered up the following top tips for saving cash this Christmas:

    • Plan ahead and shop early.
    • Begin shopping for next Christmas in the January sales.
    • Book travel ahead of time.
    • Talk to relatives of the recipient of your gift for ideas on what to give them.
    • Shop for gifts at the Charity Shop.
    • Recycle last years decorations. 
    • You don't need to buy a real tree each year.
    • Make your own decorations.
    • It's not necessary to spend a great amount taking the kids on expensive outings as they'll enjoy any Christmas related activity.
Danny's bonus tip: 

The 'Thrifty Sandwich'

1) Toast a slice of bread
2) Season toast with salt and pepper
3) Butter two slices of bread as normal
4) Apply buttered bread to either side of toast filling

Embrace thriftiness, being frugal is never something to be ashamed of.
For more information, visit Penny's blog at:

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