Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Discussing Belgium, Poland and travel writing in general with @andyjarosz

Andy was in the studio once again today, and was discussing the great travel opportunities in Europe. He mentioned Belgium as a great place for a weekend break, due to the Eurostar making the country there only 3 hours away and the fact that all the major cities are generally within an hour of each other.

He also encourages Poland as a holiday destination, especially due to the excellent food scene in cities such as Warsaw (just don't ask him about mountain oysters).

Finally, Andy is running a travel writing event during the upcoming St. Alban's literary festival. You can find Andy at the Cross Street Centre on Saturday the 8th of November from 1:30PM. Entry is £5 and highlights include talks by eminent travel writers such as Matthew Teller on locations from the Andes mountains to the Middle East.

For more information visit:

Andy's blog: http://www.501places.com/


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