Monday, 13 October 2014

Consumer Advice feature with Elizabeth Crampton on Online Banking, Letting Agencies and Vehicle Taxation.

Joining us today on the show was Elizabeth Crampton, our very own consumer advice correspondent from the Citizen's Advice Bureau.

  • Firstly, she offered advice on the correct way to conduct online transactions and warned of the potential dangers therein. Namely she touched on the potential consequences of entering incorrect Sort Code and Account Number details, saying that such errors can cause money to disappear into the ether, despite the legal obligation for the recipient of an accidental payment to repay the money. Banks such as HSBC and Nationwide are now saying that if the money is not returned promptly, they will simply return the money themselves.
  • Elizabeth also proffered advice on the house rental process and how to ensure safe use of Letting Agencies. She warned that agencies cannot charge you for registration with their business, nor can they charge you for a simple list of properties available to rent. She said that to ensure you're not dealt with unfairly by any such agency, it's best to go with one that is a member of a voluntary self-regulating trade body as they will require their agencies to have both a complaints procedure and money protection arrangements. This means that should the agency go out of business, you won't lose your money. Finally on the subject, Elizabeth recommended that for more information you should head over to, which offers appropriate advise.
  • Lastly, Elizabeth spoke briefly about changes in the Vehicle Taxation system. She reminded us that as of October 1st, it's no longer compulsory to display the paper tax disc on the windscreen of your car. It is however, still compulsory to tax your car and you can visit to do so. She also warned that, following these changes, when buying a new vehicle the tax will no longer be transferred and you will therefore need to get a new vehicle tax before you use the new car.
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