Monday, 15 September 2014

Lisa Pearson on 'Starting your own Business'

Today we were lucky enough to have Lifestyle Correspondent Lisa Pearson join Danny on Drivetime to discuss the topic of starting your own business. They discussed the various trials and tribulations involved in the process, the necessary sacrifices you need to make, but also how rewarding starting a business of your own can be.

Lisa discussed her three top tips, having started numerous businesses herself, and these were as follows:


Lisa says that you can't always expect to be profitable immediately and furthermore that profit should at first be a fringe concern, unless of course you intend to quit your current employment to pursue your own business. Therefore she suggests, as she told Danny, that it's best to work on your own business whilst continuing in your current workplace, despite the extra effort involved.


Lisa firmly stated that perhaps most important, when considering starting your own business, is having passion and drive. She says that to succeed in self-employment, having a passion for your idea is key and also that you must refine your ideas to a single focus, and stick to it.


Finally, Lisa stressed the importance of a business that directly addresses a common customer need. She said that whilst finding a niche area of business is extremely difficult in this day and age, a new business must nevertheless strive to provide a service that customers will value and need.

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