Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Dagnall Street Baptist Church - National Heritage Day With Chris Penn

On today's show we had Chris Penn and his friend of 40 years, Joseph from Zambia. 
Chris came into to talk about Dagnall street baptist church which is opening on national heritage day, an event organised by English heritage and the national trust. Its a chance to celebrate English heritage and culture. 

Dagnall street baptist church is opening its doors to the general public on the Thursday 11th to Sunday 12th, and on Saturday 13th they're running an activity driven workshop for families, called messy church. There will also be a cafe open from 10am-6pm, which Chris highly recommend.

If you would like to visit any other national heritages in the West Herts area visit:

And if you want to visit Dagnall Baptist church website go to:

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