Thursday, 4 September 2014

Andy Jarosz- Our Travel Correspondent @andyjarosz

Andy Jarosz joined us today to talk about the perils of aeroplanes, or rather more specifically aeroplane seating and seat-reclining etiquette following the story of a serious altercation concerning a reclining seat that caused a US plane to make an unscheduled landing.

Danny and Andy then entered into a rather deep conversation about the ethics of reclining your seat. Some points here included whether you are paying for your space and whether it is your right to recline, or if the person behind you should be taken into consideration.

Andy then enlightened us with some top tips for a stress free airport experience with the most crucial piece of advice being to turn up early. Andy's next, more controversial tip, was to prepare for the worst at airports and assume the worst in your fellow fliers, as then you won't be disappointed! Another key tip is to pack light with airline specific hand luggage, especially when travelling on a budget airline.

We look forward to seeing Andy again and to learn more about his many travels, as within the next month his travels will take him to destinations such as Finland and Latvia. Here at Radio Verulam we are trying hard not to be too jealous!

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