Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Hells Belles- Hertfordshire Roller Derby

Once again Danny was lucky to be graced with the presence of two of the girls from the Hells Belles Roller Girls from the Hertfordshire Roller Derby.

They came in to tell us about their one home came of the year at SportSpace, Hemel Hempsted on th 16th August from 1pm until 6pm.

It be the only opportunity to see the action live locally, and even get a picture with the team!

The girls talked about the particular look that goes with the Rollar Derby as the Hells Belles take on caricatures whcih adds to the fun of the Roller Derby.

They expalined that anyone can be part of a Rollar Derby team, regardless of size shape, or style and they hope it brings people more confidence.

Although it is currently an over 18's sport, there are now some junior leagues being put into place in a 'non contact' form.

For more information and to buy tickets for the event, go to

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