Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Martin Finney discusses the gardening jobs we can do in July!

Tonight in the studio we were joined by our resident gardening expert Martin Finney. This month we discussed the jobs we can all do in the month of July in our garden.

As the weather is getting warmer Martin advised us all to focus on our garden hedges, although this can be a long job it is well worth it - meaning the task won't be as hard next month if we keep on top of the maintenance.

Martin also advised us to 'deadhead' roses in order to encourage growth and add fertiliser to the water when watering them. July is also the perfect month for veg, with potatoes being in their prime they should be ready to pick; but if they seem too small some more water should encourage growth.

Martin also encourages us to use our Greenhouses to our advantage, planting and growing any veg in there for more chance of success.

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