Monday, 14 July 2014

Consumer Advice

Elizabeth Crampton from the Citizens Advice Bureau was our guest tonight where the following items were covered.

Flexible Working Hours

Every employee now has the right to request flexible working hours after the government extended the right previously reserved for carers and those looking after children.

As part of the right, employees can expect their request to be considered "in a reasonable manner" by employers.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said 20 million people now had the right to ask to work flexibly.

Unions and employment groups welcomed the move.

The change in the law, which affects everyone with more than six months' service.

The Sale of Goods act

There are some new Regulations (that affect three ways of selling to consumers), which came into effect on 13 June 2014

Copy Cat web sites

Copycat websites are those which offer services from government departments or local government, but are not the official site and charge an often substantial premium for those services, often with no tangible benefit to the customer. They achieve this by using website tools to achieve high positions in search engines such as Google, often ranking them higher than the official site and making it appear as though they are ‘official’ or ‘authorised’. They also have website addresses designed to confuse with the official site, and often feature a similar look and feel and brand design.

full details of these items and much more can be found at the web site

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