Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Bake It Easy with Lucy from @heavensacupcake - Apple Strudel Cupcakes

The drivetime team is always excited when it's the third Tuesday of the month as Lucy from Heaven Is A Cupcake comes into the studio for another edition of the popular Bake It Easy feature.  Anyone would think they don't get fed at other times!

This month, Lucy told us how easy it is to make Apple Strudel Cupcakes and the recipe can be found here.

Lucy will be back in September.


  1. Hi, how do I listen again to the show please? I want to hear about the cupcakes! :-)

    1. Hi,

      Goto www.radioverulam.com/listenagain and navigate your way to Tuesday at 5.30pm. :)

    2. Fab! Thank you!