Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Andy Jarosz our travel correspondent joins us with his wife Sam to talk photos

On today's show we had Andy Jarosz and his personal photographer and wife Sam Jorosz on hand with him today, to give us a snapshot into their travels and photography tips.

Sam expressed certain courses you can take to make the most out of your holiday photos. She explained the typical term of the tourist shot and cheesy holiday shots. To avoid these stereotypical snaps Sam suggested the rule of thirds and composition.
But Sams rule of thumb is not to spend your whole holiday looking through the lens, but to enjoy your holiday!
For more detailed information on these rules, visit Sams blog:

Andy recommends the Faro islands to put your photography skills into practice. The Faro islands are positioned between Scotland and Iceland and is an area of untouched beauty. With their native animal being the Puffin.
For more information visit Andy's blog:


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