Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Travel Correspondant Andy Jarosz @andyjarosz talks about a domestic holiday in the UK

On the show today we were joined by our travel correspondant Andy Jarosz, discussing the pro's and con's of having a domestic holiday in the UK.

Andy suggested that around this time of year we should all be looking for a holiday closer to home. Enjoying less travel fuss and no language barriers. He also went on to say that around this time of year the weather in the UK can be lovely, perfect for walks or typical English pub lunches - although warns us to make sure we check café closing times as some close between 2 and 3pm.

Andy also suggested that we should take day trips in our local areas and explore local walking paths and cafes. He always suggested that we make sure we eat healthily on holiday, refreshing our palettes with some fruit and veg.

For more on Andy's recent travels visit www.501places.com or his Twitter Page

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