Thursday, 26 June 2014

@Scarlette Fever Live on Drive Time

Scarlette Fever came into the studio to chat to Danny about everything she has been up to recently and play some music.

Scarlette Fever, who's real name is Karen, was joined by her girlfriend Ezzie and they told Danny they they had recently been travelling before setting up a new business venture.

Ezzie has just set up a personal studio encouraging people to get fit, with Boot Camp starting on Saturday. After being a body builder and fitness model, Ezzie has decided to take a holistic approach to training. They don't believe in 'no pain no gain' mentality, and are taking training back to basics, by basing programs on P.E lessons! One of the games they will be playing on Saturday is 'Hungry Hippos'.

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Karen explained that she has received some national success, having songs played on Radio 2 and also has had one song reach number two on the Bilboard.

Scarlette Fever's new album which is out in the Autumn, is called Attack of the 6 Foot Woman. She explained that it relates to her experience of the music industry. The glamorous side of people in high heels, and then the slightly seedier under belly of drugs and alcohol. Next she is recording a few new songs for her EP, working alongside Paul Sim and this summer she is headlining at the O2 Academy is Islington on 10th July.

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