Monday, 16 June 2014

Lisa Pearson - Lifestyle Correspondent

Lisa Pearson, our lifestyle correspondent, was our guest tonight on West Herts Drive Time to share with us
her extensive knowledge about feeling unappreciated. After an enlightening talk about anger management last month, we were delighted to have her back to speak to us and we found her insight both valuable and applicable to our lives.

Lisa described how if you feel unappreciated, the most crucial step is to tell someone by explaining your opinion; a simple, honest but often disregarded solution. She also explained that without confidence, we cannot be appreciated and if we get over the idea that this is a display of arrogance, those around us will become more aware of our contribution and in turn appreciate us more. Many of us don't realise we are appreciated due to lacking in confidence and Danny suggested that this sense of modesty is due to our hardwired "British nature" of ignoring compliments and focusing on minor critiques. Sometimes the mammoth tasks we undertake for others may not be needed or wanted by the recipients, instead it's about being careful about what you do and always check you're doing the right thing. Instead try to avoid a grumpy disposition and sense of matyrdom after striving to help someone seemingly indifferent to your efforts, instead always try to be gracious.

To find out more about this subjects, and many other interesting lifestyle topics, visit which has been nominated as one of the top 15 Fibromyalgia blogs worldwide for 2014, to which all of us at Radio Verulam offer our congratulations.

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