Thursday, 19 June 2014

Chris' Film Club: Rocky Balboa

Now, you may be thinking 'what's this? The 6th Rocky film?! How can this make it into any list that is meant to be about classic films?' and you might have a point. Alternatively you might be thinking 'I'm hungry' or 'I'm tired'. If that is the case then you should eat or sleep.

However, I have picked Rocky Balboa as it fits our theme (Slyvester Stallone acts and directs) and is actually not a bad film. One might actually call it 'good'. It stars Stallone as the now rather aged Rocky, who owns a restaurant and regales the patrons with old boxing stories. He comes out of retirement to face the current world champion in an exhibition match. The plot is secondary to the boxing action and it is a well put together film. Worth a try.

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