Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Counselling Foundation and Mental Health Week

Jerri Russo from the Counselling Foundation visited Danny in the studio this week to talk about Mental Health Week.

The Counselling Foundation delivers counselling and trains people to become counsellors. Jerri explained they see people over short term and other longer and much more intensive periods.

People can be referred to the Counselling Foundation or they can contact them directly if they feel they may need counselling.  People go to the Counselling Foundation over a very broad range of issues. Any day to day struggles tey may have, or something more specific that they need to talk about.

Jerri explained that all GP referrals are free, but private consultations are subject to charge. The Counselling Foundation do have measures in place to assist people with little or no income.

Jerri went on to talk about National Mental Health week which is all this week, and raises awareness about the different mental health issues that people struggle with.

Danny asked Jerri to explain the difference between two of the most common mental health issues: anxiety and depression. Jerri explained the anxious person is thinking about tomorrow, and is worried about what will happen tomorrow, The depressed person knows what will happen tomorrow, and is giving up before they have even got there.

If you feel you are suffering from any of these it is very difficult to think that anyone can help you. There are always people out there who understand and will help. The Counselling Foundation endeavors to help you understand yourself, and what is going on, leading to you being able to cope with it in day to day life.

The Counselling Foundation are currently in their intake season,. training people to be therapists. Jerri explained that anyone and everyone can be a therapist, provided they do have some academic ability to be able to write essays and reports.

To find out more please call 01727 868585 or visit

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