Monday, 19 May 2014

Lisa Pearson our life style correspondent was tonight's guest on West Herts Drivetime talking about anger management

Anger – what the hell is it all about?

So why do we get angry? …

1) Righteous Anger
This is the good anger. The one you don’t want to suppress.
2) Anger with someone else
Ironically we can often be angry with someone else, but get triggered by someone who isn’t actually anything to do with it.
3) Overwhelmed anger
This is when there is something else that has stressed you so much, that suddenly you flip at the slightest thing.
4) Not saying what we think anger
How often have you been angry with someone because they’ve done or not done something? But did you tell them? Or did you let it boil inside?
5) Pretending we aren’t angry
This is technically ‘not angry’, but we are angry, we just pretend we aren’t.
6) Serious anger issues
Then there are times when it’s not that simple, when the anger is too frequent and starts to control us. When it means that we are aggressive, scary, violent, and it starts to affect our relationships.

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