Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Michael Green Foundation

Joanne Green from the Michael Green Foundation which raises awareness about type 2 diabetes visited us in the studio today, to tell Danny more about the UK's 3rd biggest killer.

Joanne lost her husband Michael suddenly at age 53 to type 2 diabetes. Since his death she has fought to educate people about how they can prevent and even reverse the effects of type two diabetes through changes in their lifestyle and diet.

She explained that although it is more commonly developed by men and women in their 40's and 50's, her husband was diagnosed at 25 and it is important if you recognise the following symptoms to talk to your GP:

Excessive Thirst
Frequently needing the toilet
Cuts not healing

They are raising funds for The Michael Clements Diabetes Centre and have raised £10,000 for The Michael Green Dietetic Educational Kitchen, which educates people about nutrition. They are 3/4's of the way to securing their next target which will provide a dietician for the centre.

Michael and Joanne's daughter will be running the British 10k in her Fathers memory along with 12 others.  They are also hosting a charity super at The Village in September which will involve a quiz, raffle and charity auction and they are appealing for any donations.

Joanne explained how much Michael's former company SOS have helped the charity grow, giving donations, expertise and teaching them how much Corporate Social Responsibility can benefit a charity.

The Michael Green Foundation always welcome any donations, whether that be financial, or of expertise and time.  They want to change the face of fundraising and make a difference.

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