Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Crescent- Informing and supporting people with HIV

Today Rachel and Iain from The Crescent joined us in the studio.

When Rachel was diagnosed with HIV in 2005 she thought it was a death sentence , the Crescent in St Albans, founded 26 years ago, provided her with the support she needed to realise she could live a normal healthy life. Rachel is now a trustee working with Iain Murtagh to educate people and to show them that HIV sufferers are only human.

She said: 'I want to open other people's eyes. We're not dirty, you can sit next to us.'

The Crescent offers advice, therapy, support and social groups and anyone is welcome.

Rachel says it was The Crescent that gave her the courage to go ahead with the medication and not be scared of the possible side effects.

Iain Murtagh explained that The Crescent is not currently funded, and they are asking people for any donations, whether that be financial or a donation of their time. This can be helping out in the garden, or lending an ear over a cup of  to someone who needs support.

For more information head to  01727 842542.

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