Thursday, 27 March 2014

Hertfordshire Roller Derby

Katy and Lexie came to visit Danny today at West Herts Drive time to talk about the fastest growing women's sport in the world; Roller Derby.

Largely unheard of in Hertfordshire, there are now two Roller Derby Leagues in the county, reflecting the increasing in popularity.

Although it can be rough, there is a lot of skill and agility required to be successful at the Roller Derby. Each team has 5 players on an oval circuit at one time. These teams are made up of 4 blockers, and 1 jammer. The blockers role is to stop the opposing team's jammer from getting past them, whilst assisting their own jammer.

When the jammer has passed the blockers one, they then skate around the circuit for another go and can then accrue points.

Each jam lasts around 2 minutes, ad the blockers can use hips, elbow shoulders, pretty much whatever it takes to get the opposing jammer off the track.

Katy and Lexie explained that although it is rough, there are strict safety procedures including a sin bin for rule breakers! Elbox pads, knee pads, wrist guards , gum guards and helmets are worn by all players.

The girls think that the sports popularity is growing due to there being no typical 'Roller Girl'. All women of all shapes and sizes can get involved.

The Hertfordshire Roller Derby run two beginner sessions a year. The next one begins 6th April at Sports Base, Hemel Hempsted with training every Sunday. As long as you are female and over 18, anyone is welcome from any skating ability.

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