Thursday, 20 March 2014

Chris' Film Club: Apocalypto

Finishing off this week's film club theme of 'foreign language films' I have chosen a film slightly different to the rest. It's a bit different because it is a Hollywood film and in a language not widely spoken (although there are still around a million native speakers of it today). The film I've chosen is Apocalypto, and it is entirely in
Yucatec Maya.

Directed by Mel Gibson, it stars Rudy Youngblood as Jaguar Paw, a Mayan tribemans who is captured by a bigger, meaner tribe and treks across Central America. He has to subsequently escape and save his wife and baby, all the while being persued by vicious enemies.

It's a fast and thrilling film and Gibson once again proves what a skilled director he is. The trailer is below.

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