Thursday, 20 March 2014

A Date With Nature at Verulam Park

Today Debs from the RSPB called in to tell Danny and the listeners all about Heron Watch with A Date With Nature at Verulam Park.
There are currently 13 nests on Heron Island with some chicks born as early as a week ago!

Herons breed earlier than most birds, and the mild winter has ensured that the chicks are doing well. This is the only time of year to see chicks which will be there for around the next week.

Debs explained they are popping their heads over the nest from time to time and everyone is welcome to visit Heron Watch anytime between 10.30 am-4.30 pm Wednesday to Sunday and if you are lucky you might see the chicks.

If you're keeping your eye out for something to do with the kids this Easter, A Date With Nature's Heron Watch will be at Verulam Park right up until May including Easter Sunday and Monday. There are activity sheets for the kids, joining packs, cuddly toys and a nature trail around the park You can even go and see the wing span of the Heron's by visiting the A Date With Nature trailer.

To find out more about Heron Watch, visit and follow the link to the Heron Watch blog where you will find out more about the Heron's at St Albans, and some of our other feathered friends, including Kingfishers and Eagles.

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