Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Interview with Jimmy Grey Co Manager of Saint Albans F.C.

  If you've heard  a lot of noise coming from Clarence park in recent months, it's probably due to the noise from the close knit fans of St Albans City FC. Last thursday we had a over the phone interview with the teams Joint Manager Jimmy Gray. He shares the joint manager position with long time friend Graham Gold.

     Together they have have been sharing sweet taste of victory with the longest Away run in local history. Recently they won 2-1 against Bashley and 4-0 against Hertford. However their run ended in a dramatic fashion last Saturday as (Conference National Leaders) Cambridge won 2-1 against Saints, sinking a goal in added time.

Jimmy Gray told us that fans of the team are a close knit community and visitors to the match will enjoy a friendly competitive atmosphere that you wouldn't expect to find in a league game.

All things considered the Saints have had an incredible year and hopefully Jimmy and Graham will guide the team into more success in 2014. 

For more details and information on the team and future matches go to: www.sacfc.co.uk

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