Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Andy Jarosz's Travel Feature @andyjarosz

Today the topic of our regular monthly travel feature was Brazil! Ahead of the World Cup in 2014, Andy talked about his experiences of the preparations.

With stadiums being reportedly behind schedule, unfinished seating was just one of the problems that the country faces. Yet, even though the 6 remaining venues were predicted to be complete at the start of December, and the football starts on the 12th June 2014, leaving some time for finishing touches.

If you're planning to fly in Brazil, think again! Airports and planes are already being used at significant levels, and Andy reported that if you want to get anywhere in the South American country you will have to go by air, not a good idea in the summer period of 2014 (unless you're there for the football).

The size of Brazil was an issue. So much to see and do became a problem! Entering the rainy season, wildlife is quite hard to spot- summer being the best time of the year (when a World Cup isn't taking place!). However, there are diverse buildings and coastal lines- Baroque architecture and waterfalls being just some examples.

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