Friday, 29 November 2013

The Radio Verulam Film Guide: 29th November 2013

Tonight Simon came into the studio with rather glazed-over eyes and a thousand-yard stare. It's the sort of look he gets 8-10 hours after eating his 'Giggle Brownies' but something was a little different. Normally he would still have a creepy fixed smile plastered on his face but today he seemed a lot more morose. No, it turned out that people at work had been bullying him about his facial hair. Certainly this blog has been nothing but supportive of that pathetic whisp of hair that he should be thoroughly ashamed of but it seems that others are not being as kind as we are. It seems like he has had his lunch stolen from the fridge at work, he's been getting mean notes put on his desk saying that his 'tache is almost as bad at being facial hair as Brentford FC are at being a football team and even his family are starting to distance themselves from him (although that might have more to do with his general personality). Still, he only has to wear that thing on his face for another day and then it can be burnt off. With acid. Strong, strong acid.

Ok, that was a lie, but Simon (and his facial hair) were in the studio to talk about the UK box office and his mustaches' pick of films on TV for the coming week.

The Ghost
9.00pm – 11.35pm

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
3.15pm – 6.05pm

1.05am – 3.05am

4.55pm – 7.05pm

Sister Act
5.25pm – 7.25pm
Channel 4

My Cousin Vinny
Movie Mix

Crazy Heart
11.10pm – 1.20am

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  1. I'm loving that they're re-running all the Harry Potters at the moment :)