Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Travel Correspondent Andy Jarosz talks Yugoslavia & Christmas Markets

Bay of KotorInternational travel correspondent Andy Jarosz popped into talk to Danny about the former Yugoslavia as a Holiday destination.

With its historic cities such as Dubrovnik and Sarajevo, national parks like the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia and with a Mediterranean climate, similar to Italy, it is sure to cater to everyone's needs.

With mostly English speaking natives and the cities preserving their history, they are very welcoming to tourists and keen to tell the story of their history.

With St Alban's getting our very own Christmas Market this year, Andy spoke about what countries do the best markets, if you were thinking about going away for a short break before Christmas. The main ones being in Germany, in places such as Munich and Frankfurt. Also European cities like Prague and Budapest.

For more from Andy and his travels you can check out his website www.501places.com or follow him on twitter @andyjarosz

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