Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Interior Design Feature with Gwendoline Alderton

   Today Gwendoline was looking at how behaviour affects our homes and dictates how we decorate and function within it.

There are a number of key factors : 

TIME (How much time you spend on interacting with certain parts of your house).

BUDGET (How much you can spend).

STYLE (Sleek, Modern or Rustic).

   Gwendoline gave us a few practical examples ... When your walking through the front door, how do you want to feel?

    Do you want to your hall way to make you feel secure, welcome or spacious? An area which is quite important in the hallway, is where you keep you shoes. If you want to spend little TIME sorting through shoes you may wish to have a shoe rack. Others may be content with rummaging through a basket.

Inside the house, how do you want it to feel? Again clutter attracts clutter so it may be a case of putting away or getting rid of coats, books and items that you don't need. Other wise you may end up with mountains of miscellaneous household objects.

In your lounge, full shelves of books can make the room appear small, however this does mean they are more accessible and can save TIME. This can also make the house seem more friendly and relaxed.

However if you prefer to have a more modern STYLE to your house you may want to have books and items in cupboards.

So think about your behaviour and see if it helps and amplifies how you want to live.

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