Wednesday, 31 July 2013

We're all going on a summer holiday...

Hi Drivetimers

I thought I'd write a special blog post to tell you what's happening to the show in August.  West Herts Drivetime will be taking a summer break, returning to our airwaves on Monday 2nd September.

In it's place for the month of August will be Summer Drivetime with Nick Hazell, Jonny Seabrook and Sylvia Fountain.  They will be sharing the presenting duties and to find out who is presenting when, make sure you look at the schedule at (you can find it under the ON AIR section).

Summer Drivetime will largely comprise regular travel & traffic updates alongside the great music mix you have come to expect from our regular drivetime show.  Look out for some special extra features along the way!  The regular Drivetime team will be back in September with all the usual bits and pieces, plus maybe one or two new features as well!

Finally, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting our little show.  It has been on the air in it's current format for just over three years and we wouldn't be able to do it without YOU!  Your daily song suggestions often make us chuckle, we are grateful for the various guests that come in from all over West Herts to tell us about the amazing community work happening in our area, and we really enjoy the live music from local talent.

On behalf of the Drivetime team, I hope you have a wonderful summer and we'll see you once again in September (well, we won't actually see you as radio doesn't work that way but you know what I mean).

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