Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Travel Feature with Andy Jarosz

It appears our British summer is coming to a close, so what better time to migrate this coming august! Only one man can give us the low down on planning our summer holidays, our local travel correspondent; Andy Jarosz. Holidays do still require a great deal of planning but there numerous ways nowadays we can go about this.

In yesteryear there was less ways for researching your holiday destination. You could visit the local travel agent or look on Telly Text (Finding the news was arduous enough!) . Nowadays searching for holiday details has never been easier. Looking and booking online has never been more popular and more accessible. Some people can book their flight and hotel then plan the rest whilst they are in abroad! Most hotels have free wi-fi.

   A popular site for advice and information tripadvisor. Whilst Andy wouldn't advise it as a booking tool, he did hold the site in high regard for it's easily accessible information and format. But Andy also mentioned you have to be wary of bogus reviews. However if a hotel has 200/300 good ratings and a few mildly negative reviews then you can assume it's trust worthy. To check out tripadvisor go to: www.tripadvisor.co.uk

   Andy however likes the more traditional guide book. Guide books has major advantages over random reviews on a web-page. They are written by professional writers traveling to those locations and have experienced all of places in the book first hand.

However with all these people surfing the web have travel agents become a thing of the past?
Visting your travel agent has a number of advantages to book online. For example if you have a complicated flight path or want to go on a complex family holiday or require specialist itinerary. They are experts on their subject matter and can help you if your not feeling savvy about organising everything and finalising the booking. They can also offer more legal protection and insurance for example if the airline goes bust whilst you're abroad.

For more information on booking your holiday or general travel check out Andy Jaroszs' website and twitter feed:

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