Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Interior Designer Gwendoline Alderton talks baby rooms

Gwendoline came into the studio and gave us some advice on how you and your baby can get the best nights sleep.
Firstly, the temperature is very important, a comfortable temperature for you and you're baby will help create a comfortable atmosphere to sleep in. If you're using a duvet add a sheet underneath so you can swap between the two depending on the temperature of the night.
Moving on to colours , Gwendoline mentioned white creates a subliminal message that you're feeling cool, it also feels fresh and can make a room look more spacious.
When deciding on colours for a baby's room, if you're not a fan of the typical baby blue or pink then according to Feng Shui apple green is a great soft and calming colour for young ones.

as kids get older they start to ask for brighter colours such as red or black,  therefore you need to compromise. Introduce a section of the colour on one wall . With teenage girls they often ask for big patterns a good idea is to use a light reflective wallpaper which bounces light around and creates a bright happy atmosphere.

When you have a child/teenagers room you need to divide it into sections, for example a newborn baby needs plenty of floor space with engaging toys. Once children get older provide boxes (dump boxes) use a graphic on the box so children at a young age learn to put things back in the right place. Once they become teenagers a table and chair is a good idea with a shelf or pin-board to advertise their achievements.

For more advice from Gwendoline head to: http://ga-interiors.co.uk/ 

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