Thursday, 18 July 2013

Drivetimes New Gardening Feature with Martin Finney

Today marked the start of a new regular feature on West Herts Drivetime, with Martin Finney from Aylett Nurseries joining the Drivetime team to discuss all things gardening and to answer your questions.

He discussed matters relating to the extremely hot weather recently and what you can do to keep your plants healthy during July and across the Summer period.

These included pointing out that Roses can be deadheaded to prolong the display; by cutting back to an outward facing leaf encouraging new shoots a second display in the autumn can be achieved. Martin also encourages you to trim your hedges this month because the birds should have finished nesting.

He also advises that early potatoes should be ready to harvest this month, along with the fact that its best to dig just one root and if after inspection the tubers are too small leave them for a week or two, be sure to keep them well watered to assist the tubers to swell.

If you want a full list of jobs to do in your garden in July then go to the Aylett Nuseries website which is

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