Thursday, 13 June 2013

Today's guest: local author Ruth Jacobs

Today's guest was West Herts author Ruth Jacobs who has recently had her book 'Unforgivable' published by Caffeine Nights

As part of the Soul Destruction series, this novel came out end of April and looks at the story of Shelley Hansard, a call-girl who is raped by a client and later finds that he has perpetrated this crime on two of her close friends.  They decide to plot revenge on what is obviously a dark tale with an adult theme.

Primarily though this is a book which is about women and the plight of those in a tough business, not always helped by their inaccurate and stigmatised portrayal in the media and by the wider public.  Many of course come from abusive childhoods and relationships and find no way of escape.

Ruth herself had some difficulties in younger years, falling into the wrong crowd and experimenting with drugs in the late 90s.  She associated with prostitutes on a friendship basis and used some of their experiences as research for a university dissertation as she studied sociology and crime.  These first-hand accounts inspired the series of books she has subsequently written.

Getting the books published was not an easy task, although Ruth was encouraged by the good feedback she received from those that decided against taking the work on.  She feels primarily this was due to the clearly strong and far from glamorous subject matter.

Ruth will be seen at a special event at Waterstones St Albans next Thursday 20th June at 7pm for a book signing.  We wish her all the success!
For more information, take a look at Ruth's website at: where 'Unforgivable' can be picked up as a Kindle or E-book from £1!

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