Thursday, 27 June 2013

Interview with Bellowheads' Andy Mellon

     Todays guest on the show was Bellowheads' Andy Mellon. Bellowhead is an eleven piece band which aspires to dazzle, move and confuse you with an liquified mish-mash of English folk, dance, funk,  and sea shanties. Their songs are said to have derived from traditional folk music twisted into the 21st century. Their latest single Betsy Baker does not disappoint and is also featured on this months playlist.

    The band consists of percussion and four piece brass section and varied string and woodwind instruments. Between the eleven members they can play 20 instruments between them. Last year they played a sell out concert at the St Albans Arena on their November tour. Their third album "Hedonism"  went silver with 60 thousand copies and is currently the highest selling independently released folk record of all time.

   They've also managed to appear on a documentary of the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons. As well as rewriting the The Archers theme for it's spin off called Ambridge Extra (A livelier version of the original).

   Mr Andy Mellon is the bands trumpet player  and one of it's many vocalists. He started off his musical career focusing on classical music but eventually lost interest so began experimenting with pop, jazz and world music. Now as a part of Bellowhead he also enjoys throwing traditional British Folk in the mix.

    It's fantastic that we have home grown band with this kind of musical ability, style and scale with few bands to compare with oversees (The Polphonic Spree, Arcade Fire). Bellowhead are truly joyous experience for all the senses. (Check out their lavish album art work and stage sets!)

All of us here at Radio Verulam look forward to hearing more. 

For more information on their tours, or previous releases go to:

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