Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Gwendoline Alderton talks about clutter

Gwendoline came into the studio today and introduced the Drivetime team to "clutter personalities" She said the best way to deal with clutter is to identify which personality you are.

The Avid Collector
A person who collects a certain object whether it is small or large, for example; teapots and photographs. Have a look at whether the collection is stored in the loft if so is it really worth keeping? Collections should be on display so make sure photos are in books or teapots nicely organised on a shelf. Therefore other people can also appreciate the objects.

The Social Squirrel-er
This refers to people who collect memories that are attached to items such as presents from loved ones or old photographs. Re-asses how important these items are and organise them into photo albums.

The Sentimental Saver
 Keeps tickets and brochures from events they've been to or mean something to that person. In this case a scrapbook or scrapbooks can keep all items in one organised placed and displayed proudly on a shelf or coffee table.

Just in case Junkie
Someone who keeps things just i case they might be used in the future. Often people leave things in boxes then forget what they actually have so go through these items and asses what will actually be useful.

When looking at your' clutter personality ask yourself what have I got and how much does it mean to me. Never keep stuff for the sake of keeping it and always compromise with your partner so you have equal amount of stuff displayed or kept.

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