Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Travel Correspondent Andy Jarosz

Our guest this evening was travel correspondent Andy Jarosz who told about his recent trip to Greece;
Even aside from the effects of the Greek financial crisis, there are some tremendous deals on travel to Greece. Cruising worldwide is experiencing a downturn, and so cruises in the Greek islands are at the lowest prices in years - even on luxury lines, in part because of 2012's Costa Concordia disaster and other problems with cruise ships worldwide. You may be able to upgrade your trip considerably by taking advantage of some of the lowest hotel and transportation costs in a long time. Even summer flights are at lower-than-usual prices; some package tours are at decade-low prices.
While carrying a few days' cash in Euros is always a good idea, since ATMS can run out, this is especially important now. Bank mergers have actually reduced the number of ATMs available, without reducing demand. Also, be sure you have sufficient prescription medications with you. Since many medicines are imports, there have been burps in the supply lines to Greece as unpaid bills to pharmaceutical companies pile up.
While Greece enjoyed an upsurge of plenty of extra tourists in 2011, followed by fewer in 2012, I don't expect it to be that busy in 2013. With the ongoing world economic downturn, tourism to Greece may decline, though Greece is receiving many visitors from China and newly wealthy former Soviet bloc nations. But in general, you're much less likely to face massive crowding at the monuments and attractions. And this in turn leads to less jammed hotels and tavernas, which may mean that the owners have more time to relax and chat with the guests they do have. This may translate into an even more memorable and pleasant trip for you, at a bargain price.

Bottom Line: Still Go to Greece. You'll have a wonderful time - maybe an even better trip than in a "normal" year.

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