Thursday, 16 May 2013

Today's phone guest was Breakaway Theatre's Bob Lewis

Bob Lewis was our guest today, from the Breakaway Theatre company.  They have been going 25 years and are a roaming company that do inside and outside productions.  They have around 40 active performing members, and around 200 associate members - often arranging social evenings, acting lessons, car boot and cake sales.

Their forthcoming production is called 'Roberto Zucco' based on a true story of an Italian serial killer in the 80s.  He was notorious throughout Europe, being placed on the 'Most Wanted' list.  The subject matter may seem dark but there is a comedic edge too.  In a twist to the format, the main role is undertaken by two actors to show the outside and inside of Zucco.  It was written by French author Bernard-Marie Koltes and has not been performed previously in Hertfordshire.  It contains adult themes and strong language, some discretion is advised.

The show will be performed from 30th May-1st June and then from 6th-8th June at the Maltings Arts Theatre.  Tickets can be purchased at and information about the group can be found at

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