Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Make your house look more spacious with Gwendoline Alderton

This week Gwendoline is giving us advice on how to make a room look more spacious. Firstly, she has been telling us that white is a popular colour for summer, it can be used throughout the whole house or simple pockets of white can create a fresh spacious feel. Soft Sheen paints will help bounce light around the room and give durability making a small room look more open and airy. However, when decorating a room with a monochromatic colour scheme it can become quite bland, adding different textures can overcome this problem, by using fluffy rugs or leather a one colour room can look more varied.

Another latest trend Gwen told us about is the nautical theme, different shades of blue are popular for summertime and pattern is easy to introduce . The popular nautical stripes can create a spacious room, when used horizontally a room can look wider whereas if stripes are used from floor to ceiling this will create height.

Dual-purpose furniture should be used when trying to create space, on the market there are tonnes of handy options such as beds which lift up and have storage space underneath, coffee tables with magazine and newspaper space below and the common sofa bed all can help with limiting the amount of objects in a smaller room. Another tip Gwen mentioned was  that by moving furniture a couple of inches away from the wall subconsciously will create the feel of a more spacious room!

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