Monday, 20 May 2013

Lifestyle - with Lisa Pearson

 Lisa Pearson our lifesyle correspondent was our guest this eveing, Lisa coverd healthy eating:

What is a rubbish cook?
Just because I’m a rubbish cook DOES NOT mean I eat READY MEALS!

In my case it’s someone who ….
1) Can’t follow a recipe that involves more than three ingredients
2) Panics when there are too many steps
3) Add to that children who are not willing to politely wait for more than 10 minutes, so it’s got to be quick
4) A lack of interest in improving my skills (in fact a big mental block which I’m happy to keep)
5) No chance of being organised at the beginning of the day for dinner at the end
6) Not worried about being boring and having only enough meals for 2-3 weeks of repeats
7) Cleverly married the Big Northern Hairy One who can cook brilliantly
8) Makes the same meals for the kids and adults, because I really don’t have enough time not to
9) Has a phobia of soup apart from Heinz tomato soup with lots of bread
10) Quite likes a bit of salad, but definitely couldn’t be considered a health nut

I really, really, really think that you mums who can cook, casserole, make pies, and organise yourselves so brilliantly are amazing.  You don’t appreciate the skill required to read and follow a recipe.
Seriously, it is NOT that easy!
BUT, I’m not that bothered about learning.  I have been a domestic goddess twice in my life and it kicked me big time in the butt both times, so I’m totally content with my rubbishness.

So why on earth am I going to write about it, if I’m so rubbish at it?

Because I think that the media only gives three really extreme images of cooking.
1) You have the chips, curries, fried in humungous amounts of fat with a sprinkling of sugar and salt on top image.
2) Then there are the incredibly extremely healthy bunch, who eat a pile of things that I wouldn’t consider, let alone my children.
3) Then there are the chefs who seem insistent on adding so many ingredients and chopping so many things up, even when they are cooking something ‘simple’ or ‘quick’.
more details can be found at the web site

I have learnt to cook healthy well balanced meals, that are simple and quick to cook.
There’s hardly any preparation time.
They are easily mix and matched.
And they work for both the grown ups and the kids in this house.

So that’s what I’m going to share.  Hopefully it will help anyone stuck in the chip scenario to break out of it, and Mums struggling to balance their demanding lives with providing healthy food.
Some of you may then go on to become brilliant cooks, which will be great.
Some brilliant cooks might still like to read my ideas, just to make sure that they are also brilliantly healthy.

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