Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Camphill Village Trust

Today, Kay Weston from the Camphill Village Trust spoke to Danny about the work of Camphill St Albans charity. As well as this, she enlightened us on the charity's Cafe on the Corner, one of the only cafes in St Albans Danny hasn't (yet) frequented!

Camphill Village Trust is a UK organisation supporting adults with learning disabilities, mental health problems and other special needs. Camphill St Albans has various projects which aim to get people involved in the community and help them be self sufficient. Alongside providing accommodation, they have a studio where service users create art and jewelry to sell, an allotment where vegetables are grown to be sold and a centre for social events, including plays, karaoke and PC facilities. 
As well as all this, Kay runs a sewing club, and is in the process of holding sewing machine lessons, aiming  to make the  internal mending service a profitable endeavor by opening it to the public. 

The Cafe on the Corner, (the corner being that of Adelaide and Catherine St) is open 9am - 4.30pm Tuesday to Saturday. Beneficiaries of the Trust get the opportunity to work here, and you can help them by buying a cup of coffee and some homemade cake. (We don't need to be told twice..)

The Trust are always looking for help and in particular are looking for donations of sewing materials to help their sewing club. If you know anyone that can help, or would like to learn more about the charity, you can call them on 01727 811228 or visit their website

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