Thursday, 11 April 2013

Steph Morren from the RSPB was today's guest

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) have been actively promoting wildlife since 2008 in Verulamium Park between 8-10 weeks a year to show people the herons at their 'Date with Nature'.  The herons have been there since 1991 and they don't usually get close to people, so this scheme provides people with a unique insight into their nesting habits.  The poor weather this year has changed some of the birds' behaviours, swallows and housemartins area have been arriving later than usual by a few weeks and the moorhens and ducks have been building nests later.

The RSPB built a nest camera to monitor the herons, however snow hampered the amount of activity when it was first set up.  However there have been telescopes set up from the bank which can be used to observe the birds.  Look out for the the big green RPSB trailer 10.30-4.30 Monday-Friday to see lots of activities for children and families from now until Sunday 28th April.  They expect to be back next year as it raises a lot of awareness and fundraising.

To find out more please visit and search for nature reserves by county.  You will find Hertfordshire schemes with all information about nature reserves and groups.

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