Friday, 19 April 2013

London Community Gospel Choir Feature with Special Guest Helen Wills

   On Thursday Helen Wills stopped by to tell us of an upcoming record breaking attempt she's partaking in. Helen will be joining with the London Community Gospel Choir, which has performed with such artists as Madonna, Blur and Kylie Minogue. They meet regularly online to rehearse for a record breaking attempt which will celebrate the 30th anniversary of London Community Choir.

   The event will take place on the may bank holiday weekend on the Southbank at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The target is to get biggest ever gospel choir performing internationally. The previous Guinness world record was broken in Germany with a choir consisting of 1100 members.  The LCGC will attempt to shatter this with a staggering head count of 1300 singers. The performance will then be  adjudicated professionally.

But how did she get involved? Helen first got involved singing in local rock choirs rock choirs. She then started networking online with others including her counterpart Liz Burton. They met on parent blogging  sites which is excellent way to rehearse and meet up with other members who are also busy parents. Together they  take part rehearsals coordinated with Bazil Meade with the LCGC by using Google Hangout, which is not that dissimilar from skype.

   If anyone is interested in taking part in the event you can buy a ticket which costs £40 (This includes a T shirt and entry).  On the day rehearsal will take part on 2.30 at the Royal Albert Hall on the 5th of may at 7.30.

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