Monday, 15 April 2013

Lisa Pearson - Lifestyle

 Our lifetsyle correspondent Lisa Pearson was our guest on Drivetime this evening, Lisa spoke to us about losing weight;

Weight Loss Hang Out No1! Problems, Goals and Plans

Starting your new regime right

Starting right makes such a difference to wether you get going at all, and keep going.

1) NEVER mentioning DIETS or WEIGHT or WEIGHT LOSS …. only getting Healthy, Fit and Strong

2) Why Healthy, Fit and Strong are so important for Mums

3) Why it’s important to be clear on ‘the problem‘ and how we got there

4) Some questions about what is important in our lives; this is so that we can be sure the goals are really suited to us and so that later on we can do the mind set exercise.

5) Why it’s important to measure ourselves in SO MANY ways

6) Setting goals, with mini goals in between

7) Not expecting to do it all at once, but why a gradual ramp up every 6 weeks is ideal

8) Creating a plan of action

9) Making sure your plan includes rewards for your body (even 15 minute baths are good), and for yourself (e.g. new knickers).

10) Tips for snacks, and increasing water

full details can be found Lisa's web site

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