Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Interior design feature with Gwendoline Alderton

Gwendoline came into the studio to discuss all the upcoming interior trends with Danny.

Firstly we asked why an interior designer is used and who for. Gwen told us about a family who have just moved and bought an old house therefore some of the rooms are quite dark. To get more light into a room she told us to look outside first and see if there is anything obstructing the light which you can remove (if it's on your land). Secondly, if curtains are too heavy, a dark colour and covering too much of the window this can hugely effect how light the room is. Change the curtains to a lighter material and colour, alternatively you can change to a Venetian blind which can control how much light is let in.

Gwen moved on to tell us about the two young boys who wanted their rooms re-done. Gwen bought wall stickers online in dinosaur and sea-monster shapes to liven up the painted blue walls. Wall stickers are a great idea for children's rooms because they can be easily taken off as the kids get older.

Finally Gwendoline told us that when looking for a interior designer have a look on their website or ask to see a portfolio this can help you understand the type of work they do.

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