Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Special Birthday Serenade for Danny

What better way to celebrate Danny being a year older and wiser than with soprano singing mums Phelia visiting the studio to sing? They treated Danny to a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday, as well as Sally's own song Love Is and a version of You are My Sunshine.

Sally Williams and Laurenne Chapman met at NCT antenatal classes and discovered a common love of singing. They formed Phelia, which is a combination of their daughter's names, Phoebe and Amelia, and have been busking and performing around St Albans ever since. They hold concerts especially for babies and preschool children and their parents and carers, and believe hearing live music is very important for little ones. To find out when they'll next be performing, or to contact the ladies, visit their Facebook page or follow them on twitter. And if you missed the show, as well as being able to listen back on the Radio Verulam website, you can subscribe to Phelia's YouTube page.

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  1. AND, it's a picture of Danny holding a baby! Looking a tad nervous ;)