Thursday, 14 March 2013

Today's guest was Vanessa Gregory from Look! St Albans

Vanessa was our guest today from Look! St Albans.  The community initiative started a year ago, a concept within town and county planning with a simple remit - to ask local people what they want to see in 20-30 years time in the town centre's design.  Meetings held last year asked the public to input their ideas - with many responses from people that had looked at other cities worldwide who could then see their suggestions implemented on the website.

There will be a meeting next Wednesday 20th at Dagnall Street Baptist Church in Upper Dagnall Street from 7.00-9 for the public to contribute even more.

DCLG (Department for Communities and Local Government) money helped communities in planning, the civic society she wanted to get together a community of local people formed of different groups.  Wanted to be pro-active on planning rather than 'reactive', using the opinions of those who live in and love the city.  This is a very groundbreaking and pioneering scheme that hopefully will be picked up by future councils.  Vanessa would love to see as many people with their creative ideas attend the meeting next week, so if you would like to see your planning ideas maybe come to fruition, please attend!

Please see Look! St Albans' website on:

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