Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Andy Jarosz's near death experience and Travel Feature

Andy was lucky enough to take a trip from New York To L.A , between destinations he visited various islands such as, Palau and the Marshall Islands. He told us how beautiful the destinations are because they are almost untouched by tourism. Micronesia is a great place to travel if you enjoy experiencing  local food and a different culture. 

A trip to Scotland resulted in a near death experience for Andy. He went snorkeling in five degree waters, but on the way to the island the propeller plane he was in got struck by lightening! However all was fine and the return flight was problem free. He would recommend snorkeling even at this time of year as the wet suits provided are thermal so you're hardly affected by the cold. 

 Easter holidays are coming up, we were told that prices don't go up as much as they do in summer so it is a great time to get away. A lot of destinations in Europe wont be warm enough to go in the sea however the weather will be perfect for exploring or a city break somewhere such as Malaga. 
If you don't want to leave the country Andy also recommended heading down to Portsmouth for a UK break. 

For any more information on where to visit go to: http://www.501places.com/ 

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