Thursday, 28 February 2013

Today's Drivetime guest: local author Dave Weaver

On today's Drivetime show we had local author Dave Weaver in to talk about his short stories and books. His debut novel Jacey's Kingdom is available electronically on Amazon, Kobo and iTunes. Dave has always like alternate reality stories such as Wizard of Oz and is intrigued with St Albans Saxon/Celtic and Jacey's Kingdom is the end result.

Dave has been writing for 10 years, starting off in the Veralum Writer's Circle and entering short stories for competitions. One of his recent works is 'Flower Chain Stories' - he likes Japanese culture so wrote stories that English people could read and relate to. The 'Flower Chain' idea was to have minor characters from one story become major characters in the next. This was written 2 years ago and self published a year ago.

The next book is called a collection of parodies called 'Ha Bloody ha' which Dave says is selling well on kindle, as well as 'Short and Sour' a collection of stories with a bitter edge and a twist. Asked about the new electronic publishing culture, Dave thinks generally positively as books could only be self-published before - now you can do it on Amazon using their own software. This saves a lot of money from making hardbacks. The new hardback version of Jacey's Kingdom however is being launched at EasterCon on March 31st in Bradford, a Sci-Fi Fantasy conference.

A very busy Dave is working on a Fantasy Ghost novel and would like to develop his collection of Flower Chain stories into a full-length novel.Dave's advice for would-be novelists to take small steps with short stories before fully-fledged novels, practice is perfect.See all of Dave's work at:

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